Barcoding Babies and Human Chipping

Posted by on 06/13/2012

Dear friends:

A global warming alarmist is suggesting that now it’s a good idea to barcode babies. What?!! You can’t be serious.

Regarding the barcode, Elizabeth Moon says, “It would be imprinted on everyone at birth. Point the scanner at someone and there it is.”

Moon goes further to say that by eliminating anonymity it would enable people to be identified in both combat and non-combat operations and that all babies should be forcibly implanted with a microchip to ensure that “anonymity would be impossible.” The rhetoric and plan to see human chipping become a reality continues.

To read more, here is the full article. Global Warming Alarmists Want to Barcode Babies!

In Chapter Five of Saved By The Light, I described the contents of all of the Boxes of Knowledge that I viewed in my first near death experience. Specifically, Box 12 provided information regarding the manufacture of computer chips to be implanted in people. I explore this topic more in depth in my self published articles called That Ain’t Nothin‘!

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  1. W. James Hall

    Thanks for sharing this Dannion; Is this possibly what We hear of as part of The Mark of The Beast? I often wonder how this could be established. Did You accomplish the establishment of the centres that you were talking about in your visions? Just yesterday I walked to the cemetery to visit the graves of family & friends & as I was going through the cemetery grounds I was experiencing peace then for no apparent reason I started to cry for just a few minutes & then I reflected on why it may have happened; a lot of things went through my mind but one of the thoughts that came to me was How great shall be our joy when the resurrection happens as it is spoken of in the scriptures & for others how much love will be felt when we cross over after this life & greet our ancestors. Take Care my friend. Sincerely JIM

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