Dannion Brinkley Exposed?!? Dannion’s Official Response

Posted by on 05/18/2011

Hi everybody,

Recently, someone posted a Dannion Brinkley Exposed video. I looked at it and thought, “That Ain’t Nothing,” and did what I normally do when people post something like that. Absolutely nothing. But then friends and supporters – who I deeply love and care about – started emailing me asking if it was true. Of course it wasn’t so I decided I needed to set the record straight.

I got out my Flip and here’s my official response. Feel free to leave comments and questions down below.

Be blessed everybody and if you’d like to learn more about my steps for dealing with misinformation visit this post where I respond do Dannion Brinkley fraud talk.

11 Responses to Dannion Brinkley Exposed?!? Dannion’s Official Response

  1. Jennifer

    Mr. Brinkley:
    I saw the movie “Saved by the Light”, & saw you on countlerss times on youtube talking about NDE”s but one thing disturbs me…Since you died and went to Heaven for what, 28 minutes and came back, it seems that all you want to talk about is your experience, the Myans, NDE’s and nothing about the love of God. Ive never heard you say anything about Jesus and HIS love for us. I have no interest in Myans, nor NDE’s unless they involve Jesus. Why dont you speak of JESUS who allowed you a second chance to come back, and not so much on the Myan Calander???

  2. johnrosado

    there are always going to be disbelief in people, because they cant fathom what dannion went through, but guess what i believe him wholeheartedly.

  3. johnrosado

    there is always going to be disbelief in people, because they cant fathom what dannion went through, but guess what, i believe him wholeheartedly.

  4. ngps

    The first time I met Dannion and heard him speak, I was expecting to hear Dr. Raymond Moody who does research on after death experiences. Dr. Moody gave a brief introduction, then turned the floor over to Dannion Brinkley.

    By the time that Dannion finished speaking, tears of JOY were rolling down my cheeks. Finally!! someone succinctly put into words (because of an actual experience that they had, had!) what I always, somehow, knew to be true: WE ARE ALL LOVE. WE COME FROM LOVE. WE SHALL RETURN TO LOVE. WE ARE ALL connected,
    so no matter that you call this after death “Jesus ” “Jehovah” “Allah” “Krishna” “God” or “Buddha”…Regardless of the name you give it, it is LOVE.
    Once I heard the truth, about who we really are – POWerful, cocreating Bodies of Light!- from another gloriously beautiful person on earth, I felt less freakish. So thank YOU, Dannion. I am so grateful to you, for the good works you do.

    …and my 2 cents about Jesus? He loves everybody, including Mayans. don’t be diss’in the Myans, now.

  5. Jesse James Speed

    I have searched for the mystery of life and death since my Beloved Father died when I was eleven. I was and have been determined for my entire life 52 years to find out where he went. I have been through the death of so many loved ones including beloved pets these NDE stories have fueled my search and hope for a life after this life here on this beautiful Earth. Being raised an Atheist this is huge for me. My Mother just died and died in such fear of the after life being real or not. I am on these sites at least 10 hours a week and I am on a very serious journey for Spiritual and Psychic Growth and to find God. I read Dannion’s story many years ago and it has helped me beyond belief. For me all you need to do is look into his eyes and really look at his face to see and know something other worldly happened to him. To me there is real and true Love in his eyes and face.
    His is one of the best and most comforting stories I have read and I have read at least 75 others on the site called near-death.com. Thank You

  6. joy

    Having met Dannion various times at the Whole Life Expo events, and being a very perceptive, intuitive and alert person, I am open but equally cynical of people’s boasts…until I find someone ‘else’ again who is genuinely Believable.

    So Dannion has been – as seen on various – not just 1 occasion… my observing him talking to someone else was also differently revealing than just when he was relating to me- and in different times, places.

    It is the direct experience that tell me what is so and what I doubt, which is often elsewhere.
    If every word out of this man’s mouth is not confirmable or believable, that’s ok too… most people dont believe or even like 1/2 of what I say – even when I am telling “my truth” as I know it = =which is the only Truth there is = = not one given by any other authority /ruler/dominant-Ruler/ belief system story.

    People love to say “the truth is ” as if they knew more than the rest of us….hmmmmmm…
    I doubt them more than those who admit we dont have alllll the answers and are not so Superior as those phrases imply…

    So anyone not agreeing or believing every word Dannion says is ok too….do question him, question every authority, question every “thing” please do ! I do this often and love the reactions and responses and revelations that occur and come to me too.

    Way back in 1980′s there was a lot of information, conferences, events sharing of NDE’s = near death experiences …. revealed after a lifetime of hiding behind fear of being called “crazy, weird, and take her away!” I have heard many people afraid to describe their experience and they were similar but not identical stories/ experiences they had. I heard one just last week from a stranger I met at the local library….similar , not spoken of unless someone who may be open-minded dares to even “ASK” or it goes unspoken still.

    I like Dannion’s style and personality and courage to speak his truth in public too. And I believe most of what he says, but I can change my mind about the details or stories.

    The essence of who he ‘is’ tells me more and that is what I relate to, even not having seen him for a few years now. He surely is not for ‘everybody” and especially not for those who have beliefs or religions or their own versions of what is allowed in this [these] realities and what is not, per their own decree or their truth. So what ? To each their own choices.

    so please question Dannion, perferably in real life, in person and then see or hear whatever comes to you or fits for you. Dont just read written printed words and react to that. Anyone – politicians and religious heirarchies and followers, commercial adverts – all write well, often propaganda for their own gain and causes and benefits.

    Dont believe them so easily either. Find out for your own self. And dont criticize until you have done your own research,and experiencing more directly. The real gain is in actual experiencing any thing, event, person, not indirectly from afar. Check this guy out for yourself and then walk away… only after that can you comment on him.

  7. Pat Harding

    I am finding your books riveting, having gone through two on my four day vacation. I believe that your experience was authentic. Jesus’ message was simple: “Love God with all your heart, mind, and soul and love others as yourself.” Yours is a message of love and being a servant to others. It needn’t be more complicated than that. God bless.

  8. Dona Maiello

    Good afternoon Dannion,(love your name)My name is Dona,Im 51 and recently , suddenly lost a job Iloved after 14 and a half years. In the medical field. As paced my floor for three months , not able to accept what had happened.I came across a reiki master and fell in love with the whole concept. I enrolled in a school about 500 miles from where I live and made some calls. I spoke to a fabulas woman,Jan Noble who agreed to let me learn on line. Im reading one of her books and it mentions you. I looked you up and played your video. Wow. My mind is flooding with memories of my life I had no recollection D about. I think its a shame to have to defend yourself to those who don’t know. but I am greatful that she has put you in my studies a little. I believe You whole heartedly. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Maybe some day I will not be afraid to share mine.Sincerly, Dona

    • user

      Dear Dona: Thank you so much for your well written message. It certainly expresses what so many of us are feeling. In the weeks ahead I will do my best to address your questions, to the best of my ability. In the meantime, Dona, be of good cheer and believe that our great nation will rally and step into more greatness than we have ever none. But this is the time for all that is not built in integrity to fall, and so it is happening…

  9. Luanda

    I am the sort of person who will quite often “cook a book” as I normally say when I can’t manage to finish reading it. I lose the interest after going through the first 50 pages or so unless it deeply captivates me. I started reading ‘Saved by the Light’ and within no space of time I had already reached the end and started straight away reading ‘Secrets of the Light’. Dannion, your words; the spiritual strength you’ve gifted us with; the enlightenment of love; the fresh reminder of who we are and a lot more that I could tell you, I truly want to say thank you. Thank you for the wonderful books you’ve presented the world with. I too work in the care sector but I am going through a huge emotional turmoil and i have been revising my own life for quite sometime now, I just couldn’t wish for any better healing
    than reading “the right answers at the right time”. God bless you and all those around you.

  10. Jean

    Hi Dannion, I have read your books and watched you on videos. I know you are telling the truth and you have been a great help to many people. Many of us have seen the beings of Light as well, and have seen the colours of ourselves as beings of Light who just need to be purified. I want to mention that when you were talking about reincarnation, it was Elijah (not Isaiah – anybody can make an error on the spot) who came back as John the Baptist as Jesus revealed to his disciples. This is important because Jesus had been Elisha, Elijah’s disciple. Elijah had ascended to God but he came back into embodiment which is why Jesus said he was the greatest born of women. John the Baptist was Elijah come again to introduce Jesus to the world as the Christ.
    Reincarnation is true. People need many embodiments to become purified to make their ascension back to God. The violet ray of the spectrum is the light that transmutes our negative thoughts and energies. We can say, “I AM a being of violet fire! I Am the purity God desires!” while visualizing ourselves in violet light. When we say I AM, we are saying “God in me is”, for the name of God as given to Abraham is I AM THAT I AM. Thank you for the love that emanates from your heart. That is the key. Hugs! – See more at: http://www.dannion.com/dannion-brinkley-fraud-tips-for-dealing-with-misinformation/#comments

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