Spiritualistic Capitalism

Dear friends,

In my first near death experience I met 13 Beings of Light who told me “those who go to Earth are the real heroes and heroines, because you are doing something that no other spiritual beings have the courage to do. You have gone to earth to co-create with God.”

Co-create with God. What better definition of spirituality could I have?

After giving me this advice the Spiritual Beings let me know exactly what I was to do when I returned.

First, I am to create the centers where people can go to reduce stress in their lives. “Through this reduction of stress,” said the Beings, “humans would come to realize, as we do, that they are higher spiritual beings.”

Second, I am to create spiritualistic capitalism. The Beings told me spiritualistic capitalism was the best way to change thought processes about death, dying and spirituality. They told me how important it is for people to rely on their spiritual selves instead of government and religion.

Lastly, the Spiritual Beings imparted upon me an important message. Now, this message is the central theme wherever I go. Remember everybody, we are great, mighty and powerful spiritual beings with dignity, direction and purpose.

To fulfill my missions I am currently developing the centers, speaking, writing a new book about everything you need to know before you go and creating a new product about the Panoramic Life Review. I hope you find them helpful, transformative and sincerely enjoyable.

with love and purpose,

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