“Super Soldiers” To Fight Disease with Implanted Chips

Posted by on 06/13/2012

Get ready everyone, the war of control over us has begun…

The military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, recently announced plans to create nanosensors that monitor soldiers’ health on the battlefield and keep doctors constantly abreast about potential health problems.

DARPA called the implants “a truly disruptive innovation,” highlighting how healthier soldiers would change the state of modern warfare because most medical evacuations occur due to ordinary illnesses and disease, not injuries.

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So why is this so important? In Chapter Five of Saved By The Light, I described the contents of all of the Boxes of Knowledge that I viewed in my first near death experience. Specifically, Box 12 provided information regarding the manufacture of computer chips to be implanted in people. I explore the significance of this topic in depth in my self published articles called That Ain’t Nothin‘!

2 Responses to “Super Soldiers” To Fight Disease with Implanted Chips

  1. lisa

    It is time! How scary is this! Unbelievable what is going to happen, Do we be afraid or just stand tall?

  2. James Pepper

    To me, I feel that this is the mark of the beast . I listen to you and Robert Ghostwolf years ago talking with Art Bell. I continue to remind people about their life review . I have been a fan of yours for a long time . God be with you my friend ,with all of us James Pepper

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