The Centers

In all three of my books I have written about my near death experiences, starting with my first one in 1975. During my initial visit to the Heavens, thirteen Beings of Light showed me many images of the future. While the majority of these images were wondrous, many of them were disturbing. I will never forget the visions of war and conflict which seemed to encircle the world. In time, the Beings finished showing me the myriad of potentialities waiting in the wings of the world to come. And then they proceeded to tell me that I had to leave the Heavens… and why!

First, I was told my purpose on Earth was to create “spiritualistic capitalism.” Upon hearing this term for the first time I had no idea what it meant. Yet, through the years my mental understanding of this concept has evolved along with my spiritual consciousness. Over the past thirty years I have consistently endeavored to manifest spiritualistic capitalism through all of my business dealings. You see, spiritualistic capitalism is any profitable business transaction conducted with a pure intention, and absolute integrity for the physical benefit and spiritual inspiration of many. I consider my books, tapes and lectures spiritualistic capitalism as they continue to help fund my non-profit organization, The Twilight Brigade.

Well, back to the Heavens…the second reason I was being sent back to my life in 1975 was to “create centers where people could come to reduce stress in their lives.” I wrote in, Saved by the Light, that as a result of visits to these centers, The Beings told me, “people would come to realize that they are higher spiritual beings. They would become less fearful and more loving of their fellow man.” I was then shown a vision of the centers. Each had seven rooms, and each room represented a step in the stress reduction process:

  • a therapy room
  • a massage room
  • a sensory deprivation chamber
  • a biofeedback room
  • a psychic reading room
  • a bed room  (a bed designed to relax the body, making out-of-body experiences possible)
  • a reflection chamber  (the purpose of which I still do not completely understand)

As well, I have continually looked for a way to structure the center to look and function exactly as it appeared in the vision. Yet unfortunately, the ability to successfully manifest the center in all of its Divine perfection has eluded me. Please try to understand that much of what I saw can not be put into words. But, there exists a sacred symbolism in the spiritual world that I am still endeavoring to translate. 
For example in, At Peace in the Light, I wrote about the liquid energy flowing through the panels of glass in the Crystal City and it was impressed upon me that the essence of fluid crystal was to be duplicated in the centers. For years, I was not sure how to do that! And then there was the deal with the flowers changing colors and emitting a tone as the Beings of Light passed by them.

I’ve simply been bewildered as to how to make that happen on Earth.
 Needless to say, I receive thousands of letters and e-mails each year requesting information about the centers and sadly, I have to tell them I have not yet been able to duplicate what it is I saw in the Heavens. I must admit this drive for absolute perfection, on my part, has hindered the completion of this mission.

That said, I am diligently seeing to it that the Centers manifest on Earth.  A prototype center is in place and is being included in a private research project. If you would like to receive updates about the centers, including ways you can help and when they’ll be available to the public, please sign up for “Center Updates” below.

I humbly ask that you help hold the launch of the Centers in the Light. 
Thank you and God bless.

~ Dannion

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