The Legendary Art Bell Interview

Posted by on 02/11/2012

Romona Bell, Dannion Brinkley and Art Bell (1997)

According to The Washington Post in its February 23, 1997 edition: Art Bell was at the time America’s highest-rated late-night radio talk show host, broadcast on 328 stations. That same year he visited Dannion before brain surgery to remove a subdural hematoma. Following surgery, Dannion had his third near death experience.

The following post is a rare special edition from the Dannion archives. First, you’ll find the interview transcript between Art Bell and In Light Times Magazine before the surgery. Then, you will find a three part YouTube series of the Art Bell and Dannion interview after the surgery. We hope you enjoy it and BE BLESSED!

In Light Times: Art, you and your wife Romona flew to be at Dannion’s side before the surgery. What kind of spirit did you find him in when you arrived to the hospital?

Art Bell: Mixed. He was in a great deal of pain, and he was at the point where he told me it had to end one way or the other. He knew he had to either go into surgery or die. On the other hand, spiritually he was as complete as a ever. In fact, I’ve got a twenty minute videotape of Dannion saying goodbye… which I hope I will never have to use.

ILT: I can feel the emotion in your voice. It’s obvious that your friendship with Dannion means a great deal to you. How has Dannion changed your life, Art?

Art Bell: Well, let’s see. It is a very close friendship that we have forged. You know, he’s probably the most spiritual person I have ever known. Yet he’s not a perfect person, by any means. You’ll have to pardon the expression, but there’s still a lot of asshole left in Dannion. There is a little bit of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in him, yet he’s the most perfectly spiritual person I’ve met. He has the most perfect understanding of what “lies beyond” of anybody I have ever talked to. Dannion is a true psychic, and I can even go into how I know that… I just know this as a verified fact in my life. I know a lot of other people who would say the same thing.

ILT: Has Dannion helped to broaden your understanding of spiritually, or changed your focus in that area?

Art Bell: No, he’s helped me to believe that is it real. I am probably as much of an agnostic as you will ever want to meet. Really, even tough I deal with these subjects all the time. What I deal with on the air and what I personally know to be true are two very different things. Dannion has helped me to believe and understand that these things are real, there’re not somebody’s hope or wish or dream or faith. They are real. Dannion is the first one who ever proved that to me.

ILT: What effect do you think Dannion’s work has had on the world at large?

Art Bell: I think Dannion’s hospice work has had the greatest effect, because he as put his action where his mouth has been, which is untrue of a lot of other people. Dannion spends a lot of his time with the dying because he has been there! So, he’s changed lives of the people whom he has touched. I don’t know that I could say that he has changed the world but through his books, he has reached millions of people. I think his real legacy is what he is doing with people and for people in his hospice work via Compassion In Action. Dannion provokes throught and interest through his books, but it is the lives he has touched that will be his legacy. I really think the worlds needs to begin worrying about the good people who are starting to leave it.

ILT: Indeed, I think we’ve just received a tap on the shoulder to remind us that we cannot continue to externalize that responsibility.

Art Bell: Right now, I don’t see that happening. I don’t see the saintly replacements for these people we’ve just lost [Mother Teresa, Princess Diana]. I just don’t and it’s all part of this thing I talk about in my new book, The Quickening. We are going through a very rapid change. So, when we are facing the threat of losing people of light, like Dannion, that’s not a good sign. But with luck, Dannion’s light will be with us for some time to come.

Dannion Post Brain Surgery

Excerpted from pages 10 and 11 *In Light Times* October 1997 *Reprinted with Permission*

12 Responses to The Legendary Art Bell Interview

  1. Jill King

    Thank you for posting this! I’m a C2C member and wasn’t able to get the link to open or play.. Hey D, I’m certified TB/CIA now. Let’s start a TB/CIA chapter in Northern VA/DC. I’m working on it!

  2. d

    Just glad to hear it all again and Art ur voice sounds great, just wish like millions that u will get better & get back on the air, u know we all lov u & ur new life/wife/child…

  3. Bobbie von Cork

    Hi Danion!

    I saw your movie “saved by the light” , some time, back in the early Nineties. It made a helluva impact on me spiritually, it was like a validation for me. I tell people about you every chance I get, I purchased a couple of the books and gave them away. I am so happy to be able to comunicate via this medium.
    What is “Chipping?”
    Blessings & Good Thoughts!

  4. Ester Flores

    I also saw the movie and I bought three of your books and still keep them, some times I read them again and again. I went to the light and I was told that “everything was going to be well” while I was held on arms (it seemed like that to me) with so much love, the purest love that I have felt in my life, no doubt! I was 5 0 6 years old at that time and I didn’t want to tell any one beside my grandmother.
    What I want to tell you is: Yes! I believe 100% your experience even I didn’t go so far.

  5. Laney

    God Bless you Dannion. I remember this interview with Art Bell. I sure do miss him. Look at that sweet picture of Ramona……oh Dannion. I heard this and remember it like it was yesterday.I’ve been a C2C listener and subscriber for years, too. I remember when Art told his audience to pray for you and send you healing intentions, and boy I sure did. I concentrated and went inside and worked up the most sincere intentions, and became so very serious. My request for your healing was STRONG and sustained,as well as frequent, and I use all my energy to make sure it was being sent to you, Dannion. It can be hard work if you keep at it, but THAT is what prayer is. I should have done more deep breathing, tho. I heard this program. It moves my heart to hear it again. Dannion, I’m so glad you’re here. I want to help in the TB. I am an RN. But I’ve been disabled for the last 15+ yrs. I need to get better so I can help out. It’s in my chart that that is what I should do, and I know it in my heart as well.
    People, if you haven’t yet seen “Beyond Treason” on or on googe video, PLEASE go see it. I’ve never served in the Armed Services. I signed up to, but they said no because of my asthma. They would have overlooked it if my specialty was an Operating Room Nurse, tho. My dad was in the Marines. All this warfare for corporate gain has got to stop. Our soldiers are sick, and I believe that’s what started my illness as well. Biologicals and God only knows what else. See Dr Garth Nicholson’s video on “Who is killing us and why” on google video. Also see his website at . It stands for the Institute of Molecular He authored a book called “Project DayLily” with his wife.

  6. Vic Garcia

    Hello Mr. Brinkley Sir,
    I was memorized when I first saw the movie, “Saved By The Light” (starring Eric Roberts), I was AWESTRUCK!!! It literally made me sit down and re-examine my life, “What was I doing to myself and to those around me? Was it too late for me to change and start over???” I now realize that I have a LOT to answer for and that I MUST make a change in how I view and effect those around me. Your words, “We are all powerful, spiritual beings and who you are is the difference that love makes…”, has been my motto since that day. I now carry that dvd (Saved By The Light) EVERYWHERE I go and travel and make it a point to show it to as many people as I can! Thank you for showing me that a life lived in selfishness is a life lost! God Bless you and your ministry. vic ♥ (†)

  7. James Bennie MD

    Wow! Just Wow!!
    Thank you very much for sharing this interview!
    Because of your work you have made me understand I have all the power within myself to affect change in not only the world, but most importantly the medical world!

  8. Dee Martin

    Hi Dannion, I am a retired Hospice caregiver with over 20 yrs. experience. I just heard tonight of the Twlight Brigade and am very interested in learning how I can become a Hospice Volunteer. I will be available in Jan or Feb. of 2013, after all the holidays, etc. and am excited over the prospect, since I miss caring for all my very special Hospice patients very much! Could you please email me the info. on volunteering, etc? Thanks in advance and I enjoyed your interview on C2C tonight! And, thanks for all you do, Dannion-Many Blessings to you!! Dee

  9. Mary Valent

    I also saw ‘Saved by the Light’ back in the 90′s. It did touch me spiritually. This Art Bell interview was a while ago, but I still liked listening. It was quite amazing.
    I also went through the tunnel, and was headed for the light, back in 2004 and got to visit with my deceased relatives, and still communicate with them today. My grandpa stopped me and told me I had lots to do so I had to come back. I was able to be in my spiritual form for what seemed like 3 seconds, at the time, but it made me remember who I am. It was something. We actually know everything and there are no questions when we are in this state.
    Dannion, God bless you and give us more info on what’s happening, spiritually within us, and also in the world. Especially with the Antichrist, the Middle East, Israel, and the USA. We all could use some guidance at this time.
    I tell everyone, ‘Don’t take the chip”. :)

  10. Irene Climacosa

    Hi Mr. Brinkley,

    I just finished reading your book, Saved By The Light. My reaction after reading it is dramatically the same as what others. Im so thankful that I bought your book.. I mean, it really caught my attention and I have alot of questions, too.

    The center that you were working on, I was wondering if I can atleast once try it. Im located here in the Philippines and don’t know if it is possible to experience the extreme relaxation thru the bed.

    I’ve been in situation where I just wish Im dead. I have this facial abnormality which I think is the reason why Im like this now. I lost my self confidence, reason to live and began to create hatred for myself and to others involved in my past.

    Stress would not let go of me. Questions are running in my head everytime. I tried to be ALWAYS nice to people around me but as soon ad I see them laughing or talking secretly about me, Im like a volcano that is about to explode. Yes, I do believe in God that is why I still somehow able to manage..but still Im human with emotion and that emotion is eating me alive.

    I like science and I believe the centers have something to do with it like the wave and all though the only difference is that centers have love in it.

    I dont really know much as I have not finished my study yet, howevere, Im now working in a call center which is full of bad energy and haggardness. I still have no choice since this is the job I know.

    Please help me spiritually or even once, can the Light of Being visit me in my dream?

    By the way, my email address is no longer active.

    I would really appreciate your response, Mr. Brinkley.

    Thank you for your time,


    • user


      Thank you for your message. I am happy to hear that Saved by the Light has been of inspiration to you. I also want you to read my last book, Secrets of the Light: Lessons from Heaven. In it my wife, Kathryn, and I explain how important it is to use our life circumstances – no matter how hard they happen to be – to increase our capacity to love and offer compassion. It sounds to me that you are doing just that. Stay strong, and work to create more love in your life and your workplace.The Beings of Light will help you do to this, if you only ask them to. They are always standing by waiting to help us in everyway.

      Be blessed,

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