The People Who Want To Chip You

Posted by on 04/03/2012

Hello Everybody!

This month, I want  to talk about Healthcare…

Welcome once again to That Ain’t Nothin’. This blog is about looking back through The Boxes Of Knowledge as seen in my first near-death experience in 1975, and written about in my books, Saved By The Light and At Peace In The Light. If  you have not read these two books, I recommend you do…

Since 1976, I have said that the battle of the souls of human kind would be fought over healthcare. I described in both, Saved By The Light and At Peace In The Light, that these events could lead to total control over our way of life.

In Saved By The Light, I outline the probable future that we as humanity face if we do not change our mindset and spiritual focus.  One of the most important probable possibilities was about human chip implants in the physical body and how they would be used sometime in the future. Back in 1975, this was unheard of. Today, the process has begun.

By looking in the current healthcare bill, the most important factor is about human chip implanting.  Think about the fact that the healthcare bill is in the hands of the Supreme Court. The long awaited debate or battle is upon us.

This February, a research article was published about wireless chips in Science Translational Medicine. The research article shows that in the present healthcare bill, the implantation of a type 2 and type 3 chip could be mandated; and the complete control of your life under this mandate is very possible.

As you read the abstract to the research article below, you will see that under these rules we could be forced to give up control over our lives in order to protect ourselves and/or our loved ones.

“The first clinical trial of an implantable microchip-based drug delivery device is discussed. Human parathyroid hormone fragment [hPTH(1-34)] was delivered from the device in vivo. hPTH(1-34) is the only approved anabolic osteoporosis treatment, but requires daily injections, making patient compliance an obstacle to effective treatment. Furthermore, a net increase in bone mineral density requires intermittent or pulsatile hPTH(1-34) delivery, a challenge for implantable drug delivery products. The microchip-based devices, containing discrete doses of lyophilized hPTH(1-34), were implanted in 8 osteoporotic postmenopausal women for 4 months and wirelessly programmed to release doses (!!!) from the device once daily for up to 20 days. A computer-based programmer, operating in the Medical Implant Communications Service band, established a bidirectional wireless communication (!!!) link with the implant to program the dosing schedule and receive implant status confirming proper operation. Each woman subsequently received hPTH(1-34) injections in escalating doses. The pharmacokinetics, safety, tolerability, and bioequivalence of hPTH(1-34) were assessed. Device dosing produced similar pharmacokinetics to multiple injections, and had lower coefficients of variation. Bone marker evaluation indicated that daily release from the device increased bone formation. There were no toxic or adverse events due to the device or drug, and patients stated that the implant did not impact quality of life.”

It is important to also point out the “Author Affiliations” section of this article. Notice how some of the most prestigious research establishments in the United States are behind this. A coincidence? I think not.

  1. MicroCHIPS, Inc., Waltham, MA 02451, USA.
  2. Harvard Medical School, Mass. General Hospital, Endocrine Unit, Boston, MA 02114, USA.
  3. Case Western Reserve University, Department of Pathology, Cleveland, OH 44106, USA.
  4. On Demand Therapeutics, Inc., Tyngsboro, MA 01879, USA.
  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
  6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Chemical Engineering, Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

Additional Information:

For additional background information and resources visit the Human Chipping Archives; and specifically, the article called Global ALERT: Human Chipping is Here.

The Bottom Line is This:

What they are telling you is good for your health is linking your vital, private health care information to your bank account and the IRS. If you stop, think and realize that these chips have no advanced security encryption, it means that someone with “off the shelf” scanning equipment can walk past you, scan your chip and steal your identity! And this appears to be no concern to the government. We must demand this is stripped from the healthcare bill.

Stay Tuned, More Updates Coming

As you can imagine, I am keeping a very close eye on this issue. As I have said again and again this is the battle in healthcare for the souls of human kind.  If you’re not careful, you’ll be chipped. Remember everybody, this is 2012. Subscribe to That Ain’t Nothin’ and get all the details as things develop.

How You Can Help TODAY

(1) Educate your family and friends. Be informed! Use the knowledge from That Ain’t Nothin’ and the probable possibilities from the Beings of Light in your decision making. Please reread Saved By The Light, Chapter 5, Box 12, and be just as amazed as I am. 

(2) Write your Congressional representatives and tell them you don’t support anything in the new healthcare bill that involves chip implants (specifically, Type 2 implants).

(3) SHARE THIS ARTICLE LIKE CRAZY. Please everyone, plaster this all over social media and email it to your family and friends. CLICK the Facebook Share and Email Buttons (to the left).

Remember, every little bit helps! Leave your comments below and let your voice be heard! It only takes a nano-second to transform consciousness.

Aspire to inspire before you expire.


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35 Responses to The People Who Want To Chip You

  1. Zellie

    Hi, Dannion,

    So this is the thing….you predicted these chips would be able to be programmed so as to end life. Think of it! Also, isn’t it amazing, in the United States now, many bills are crafted, created and written by special interests who then present them to our congress and senators for passing WITHOUT any of our elected leaders reading them….AND so, we get Nancy Pelosi, who famously said about the healthcare bill, ‘that we would have to pass it in order to find out what was in it.’ KNOWING full well, that many features of the bill had not been written yet! So, obviously and necessarily MILLIONS of Americans do not have a clue about whats REALLY in the healthcare bill….they are stuck on individual mandates, thinking they are getting access to healthcare (without understanding that access does not mean health care coverage, nor does it mean affordability), but are clueless about the other FAR reaching ramifications of the bill which DO INDEED link your bank account with the IRS, your employer (IF you are working) and your healthcare premiums… can they ‘fine’ you if they don’t have access to your bank account? Where are the protesters????? They are following the carrot….but they are way behind the donkey, and getting pooped on the whole way!!! IMHO! Thank you for trying constantly to warn the masses! Thank you for your many years of hard work and efforts on behalf of humanity….

  2. MaryAine Curtis

    Say HELL NO to chips in this body. Thank you for the compelling information.
    Blessings, MaryAine

  3. Carol J. Hanson

    Do you mean to say that our chips will have a euthanasia date when our healthcare czars determine our quality of life is no longer worth keeping us alive — we’re too expensive to continue keeping alive?

  4. ken kuhn

    This sounds like so much clap trap ultra-conservative nonsense. The United States is virtually the only “civilized” country that does NOT look after the health of its people.
    Dannion, I had this idea that you were a level-headed thinking person. If you want to draw attention to a part of the health care bill, that’s one thing, but it sounds like you’ve aligned yourself with fringe conspiracy theorist. I hope that the latter is NOT true. Please clarify yourself here.

  5. Diane

    Hi Dannion,

    Thanks for your tireless efforts on our behalf. I work in the healthcare field and can see how sinister this development is. From a researcher’s point of view, it seems perfectly rational to want to deliver medicine in the safest, most effective manner. But, it appears that this seemingly good-intentioned medical advance is fraught with potentially disasterous consequences ending in the loss of liberty and life. Years ago I remember reading in your book “Saved by the Light” that in the future medicine would use combinations of light and compounds to promote healing. That really intrigued and inspired me. I have since begun working in the field of energy medicine in an effort to help turn the tide in the healthcare battle. At times I feel optimistic when I see the advances in complementary and alternative medicine and feel like we turned a corner only to feel that this nation is still under siege. I guess the battle lines are still being drawn. Anyway, many thanks for your efforts.


  6. Bobby

    The amazing thing is that these people know exactly where this is going and they continue to work away at it.

  7. Mary Driver

    I’m still amazed at how many people think this is bull! Aaron Russo talked about this in 2007. I know…I can feel…that it’s REAL. We’d better spread the word and do it quickly. If not for yourselves, for your children and grandchildren. IF YOU KEEP YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND, YOU’LL GET YOUR ASS BLOWN OFF! WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  8. Patricia Ress

    Please take a King James version of the Bible and turn to Revelation 13 and read! It is short! You will see what lies in store for those who take the Mark of the Beast: sores, physical pain, eternity in the ‘Lake of Fire.’ I will take my chances WITHOUT any ‘device’, thank-you. This is also a part of the trans-humanist movement in which man is deemed to be improved by becoming part machine!

  9. Dee

    This is interesting but, given how strong Christianity and individual rights are to the root of thought for many people in the USA, I can’t see large crowds that would be willing to stand in line to get this chip implanted no matter what the benefit is for medicine dosing. There is a strong paranoia about “chipping.”. ..Very strong. The government would have to declare ownership of each citizen’s physical body. I think it would take some kind of massive paradigm change in how we, the people, and how individuals think for this to play out. It will be interesting to see how they will, or would try, to force this upon us. Right now, no way could this happen. It’s the stuff of horror movies and books. So many people have seen these type movies and read the books. Maybe Tomorrow, not the next generation, but the one after that…who knows?
    Should this happen, physically we know what this means, but on a big picture soul level, what impact does this have? Fewer can incarnate here? I’m not sure in the bigger picture (soul journey) what chipping would mean.

  10. craigiecito

    to mr ken kahn, go to youtube and put in “rockefeller reveals 9-11 fraud to aaron russo” If you are going to respond to dannion or write in a comment you really need to get a bit more informed. Incredible that you didnt know about the chip.

  11. Julie Dauer

    This is a little crazy sounding and really is not the discourse that needs to be happening.
    Us against THEM. Remember the Light? Put it all in the Light. Breathe everyone. No one is going to hold you down and micro chip you. Breathe……

  12. Jim Hall

    Is this what the Bible talks of as The Mark Of The Beast ” 666 ” ?

  13. Callee

    This is real. Wakey, wakey. Read Wired Magazine, March 15, 2012 issue, the cover story article by James Barnford on the huge database being built in Utah to collect data on everybody to an astounding level and stripping everyone of all privacy. Our Constitution has already been gutted. Authorities acknowledge that we are a breath away from being in a totalitarian state of government. This center is set to be operational by 2013 which coincides with the implanting date for these devices. Coincidence? Not a chance. Check out the global Smart Grid and suddenly so many things begin to make sense. Even our appliances are being planned to have chips that work with the Smart Grid and record our data within our homes. You will be incarcerated in your own home. Check outa recent article by the CIA Director Patreaus where he explains this method of spying in very plain language. He calls it the biggest step in stealth spying. Where do you hide something from the people? Apparently in plain sight. They don’t think anyone is paying attention and some of you aren’t. I agree with Dannion. Time to arise en masse and tell your neighbors, friends, everybody, and write to your representatives now. Not a good time to be in a coma. And for those of you who think you will simply just not accept chipping . . . well, they’ve thought of everything. If you think this financial crisis is not by design, well it is. What better way to bring people to their knees. Control people’s options to survive and they will do what you say eventually. Already money is being digitized. You will be paying for everything electronically and they will decide who they like and who they don’t like. Who gets electricity and who doesn’t. Check out They are already planning implementation of total control of all resources through the Global Smart Grid which they sell as though it is green technology designed to reduce our carbon print. They want the Global Grid up and running by 2020. Seeing a pattern here? Educate yourself quickly and speak up. Your silence is your permission.

  14. Pearl

    Chips won’t be forced on us. We will want them. They will make life easier for us…and we will take them voluntarily. You don’t like the long lines and security shakedowns at the airport? If you have a personal identifying chip you just walk right on the plane. Do you want your child to get free lunches at school? Your child must have a chip first. (Brazil is starting compulsory chipping in school kids clothing to ensure compulsory attendance-
    Been a victim of identity theft? Get a chip and rest easy that you will never have that headache again. Hate all of those passwords you need to log onto your various accounts? Get a chip and your computer will deny access to everyone but you and your identifying chip. Had your wallet stolen while traveling or even out at the mall? No problem anymore, just have the clerk scan your hand or forehead and she can deduct your purchases in Rome right from your bank account. People will choose the chips because it will make their complicated modern lives more easy.
    No one will be physically compelled to take the mark of the ‘beast’ ( the system of the world). But life will be MUCH easier if you do and SO MUCH harder if you don’t. In the book of Revelations it says there will come a time when you will not be able to buy or sell bread even without the mark of the beast. That is pretty compelling for most, especially if you have children to support. So I think that it will be sooner than most of us think and more easily accomplished than most of us think. Another contrived ‘ bogeyman, er, I mean, ‘terrorist war’ or weather catastrophe and when we are afraid and scared, the arms of the state will be wide open to shelter us.
    ” … For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away.”;Matthew 24
    “Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”–Helen Keller
    So let’s get on with the ADVENTURE. And, hey man, it has been an adventure living without health insurance these past ten years, but I am getting used to it! :-) )

  15. denese

    they are doing this to people already even without their knowlege.. i did radiation treatments for cancer in 07 , they said they were going to put a small tattoo on me to alline the machine ….. months after the “tattoo ” was sore and hard to i picked at it and broke what i think was a small chip . it was something hard and had black goooo ..

  16. Sha

    IF anyone ( the ones in denial) here would simply do some research which is what I do for a living, you would find out that this IS REAL and has already been going on in Florida and NYC for the past 3 yrs. A family agreed to have the implants done to help prevent or find their kids if kidnapped or lost or anything else and this was on main stream media in the past 2yrs broadcast on FOX NEWS. And YES, the creator of this particular Chip admits that it can have a “Kill” switch put in it.

    To Jim Hall; read up on the no. 666 mark of the beast. Obamanation’s former address in Chicago #666. His birthdate = 666. Add up the white pope’s real name = 666. His papal name HE took = 666……do some research for yourselves. Go on Utube and type in “Popes”. There is much reported Pope history.

    To Mr. Kahn;
    There are those ‘out there’ that are in absolute denial about what is in their faces. It is evidently too overwhelming to them to look at. Go to these site and do research for yourself and MAYBE just MAYBE you might be enlightened as to what is really going on in front of your face:
    1) Ben Fulford,net
    3) > read this for yourself.
    4) Utube > type in Popes.
    type in >>> AlexJones



  17. Kimberly

    We live in a polarized dimention…IT IS US AGAINST THEM! I agree… work in the Light. I wish I had the confidence to think it might not come to being forced to accept it.

  18. Stephen Dedrick

    Julie, the chip will be put into those willing to have it or when they do not know they are getting it. the rest will be rounded up as subversants that are an enemy of those who are running this nightmare[ for those who dont see further than the daily newspaper or evening news / it doesnt look like a nightmare but more like a few crazy people you only hear about very seldom due to the them not wanting the masses to know what they are up to they linit the news of what is not in their best interests to have aired] thing is/// that i breathe fairly well and as time goes on and this bad stuff becomes more prevalent i will be even breathing more easily as i look to the light, the truth, and the way—-Jesus—- GOD ———–The Holy Spirit to help me solidify my faith in GOD knowing that my creator loves me and will not let anything happen to me that is not for the best for all who love HIM and obey HIS commandments and if you have any comments that would be helpful toward this end i am all ears@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  19. Sherri Barbosa

    Ken Kuhn….there is nothing out of the ballpark here. Conspiracies are a part of everyday living……When it comes to money and control, everything is game….trust me. If you don’t know or believe this, then I’d have to ask “where have you been?”. Verichip had been pushing really hard to get their human micro-chip going, even having alzheimers patients chipped as well as trying to sell it through their sheik nightclubs and being one of the “cool” patrons at Baha Beach Club. A huge pushback has kept it at bay for the most part. But, the attack is coming from all angles….and this is how they would like to finally get it implemented. Our own U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, Tommy Thompson quit his job to go to work for the Verichip parent company, after he helped get it approved through the FDA while working for our government…..conflict of interest maybe? They gave him a large amount of stock options and even then ran for President in 2008 shortly after going to work for them. Anyone who keeps tabs on this stuff knows what is going on. You should try to do that for a bit… everything I just told you about and then you will get it…..

  20. light bringer


  21. Margo Sparks

    I will only let them implant a device that is a remote control to my tv. I wouldn’t have to look for it ever again.

  22. joe levitt

    isn’t strange that the people don’t really care about us?

  23. Dannion

    Dear Friends: Thank your for all of your comments. Please keep in mind the significance of Harvard and MIT being involved with this.

    Be blessed and remember… Human Chipping… That Ain’t Nothin’!

  24. Joshua M. Naaman


  25. s allen

    Thank you for this information!!!

  26. Anna

    What people don’t seem to understand is that these things are always incremental. The government is never going to anounce one day that we all have to be chipped. It will continue to be advanced through making it mandatory to have a chip to receive services like medical, banking, or receive Social Security benifits. Evil always wraps itself up in a pretty package to get our cooperation. I am amazed at the folks who continue in their naivte like Mr. Kuhn above who seem to really believe that the government is here to make things better for people.If a theory or scenario can be proved with factual evidence ( which microchips can be ) it can not be labled “conspiricy” other than those who want to remain in denial or willfully ignorant. Please read Katherine Albrecht’s book, ” SPYCHIPS” for starters.

  27. Zellie

    I’m with you, Anna, it will be incremental….and after the Supreme Court ruling on healthcare, can’t you just see the Supreme Court ruling that chips are legal because they are for the greater good, and just another form of delivering medicine that can be regulated by the federal government THUS becoming mandatory over time if they just stop offering other means to deliver medicine? (if chipping becomes the major means the government run healthcare law writers decides is the the form they want to use to deliver medicine?….)…. it briefly made the news that they want to chip high-schoolers so they can find them when they leave the campus or don’t show up for class….see, very subtle….always comes out early on as a useful thing, but so easily misused (what about chipping pets? What about chipping your child via a dental chip?)….also, look at the so-called Smart meters going in all over Texas (and other places in the USA)…do you think ONE American electric utility customer had a choice on declining the Smart meter? No, the law is not mandatory, but they didn’t educate the population about the law, have only promoted it as a benefit (which it isn’t, it uses health destroying frequencies, doesn’t save you money, AND tracks ALL uses of electricity in your home so as to set up rates for different times of electricity usage and will cycle your electricity OFF at will), AND they just came in and TOOK the old analog meter off the house and that was that….NOW, we have to fight to get our analog meter back even though the law says it isn’t mandatory. The Texas PUC is just ignoring citizens’ petitions and there is NO opt-out….so for people to write comments stating that they cannot see this chip technology evolving, then they truly need to turn off the tv and take the time to bring themselves up-to-speed and get educated…These are just 2 examples, and there ARE many more as Dannion has pointed out…DRUGS and AGRIBUSINESS controlling all means of your health for starters, there are much more AND they aren’t conspiracy theories….surely, you saw our own government set up Fast and Furious designed to take away our right to bear arms….but it backfired this time, do you really think they will stop? What about the small arms treaty being bandied about at the UN? Do you think that will affect Americans?….again – read and learn…as it affects YOU, your family, your friends, your neighbors and your country.

  28. Dave

    Spreading falsehoods only distract people from what they should be focusing on
    The “implantable devices” mentioned in th HC law have to do with devices such as: knees, hips, pacemakers, breasts.
    These devices are the items to be tagged, nowhere does it say that people will be tagged.

  29. sue h

    The possible mandating of receiving this chip is part of a slippery slope, indeed. But the receiving of the actual “mark of the beast” will not be something that will be done without your knowledge. Accepting the “mark” will be an act of free will, and an act of agreement to the worship of the beast. Will some accept the mark without FULLY realizing what they are doing? The Bible says “my people perish for lack of knowledge”.

  30. Ken Taylor

    The end of all anonymity rapidly approaches. Revelation chapter 13 tells about the numbering system in the tribulation period. Only a blind man refuses to examine the implications of the prophesy. There truly is a battle of good and evil and the master you serve proves your allegiance. Choose man’s foolish ideas about evolution and the big bang theory, and incorporate faulty humanistic reasoning, and no doubt you will find out first hand the danger of marginalizing the words of Almighty God. Psalm 14:1 typifies folks who refuse truth!

  31. Adam Evenson

    Dannion, what you write is true. I’ve been awake for a long time. There is a “Mainstream Everything” that seeks to mainstream everything, that is, maintain the status quo, whatever it may be. No matter what one says, thinks or writes, if it is not strictly mainstream, it will be attacked by mainstreamers, just because this is what mainstreamers do. I wouldn’t take the attacks personally, but just quietly set them aside, one by one, as I do, and continue moving on on. In this way, your own thoughts will eventually constitute the mainstream and you will find that everybody agrees with you. When this happens, you need to radicalize your thinking again so that you can leave the mainstream behind once more, because mainstream agreement usually does not bode good and one should continue stepping outside of it as long as one lives.

  32. matzo man

    Thanks craigiecito! Didn’t know that about the Rockefeller 9/11 Fraud, Aaron Russo (the 9/11 part).

    I have heard what Dannion is saying for a long time, and it is getting worse. These things cause infections.

    Remember they chip dogs.

  33. colleena1960

    So we are not to believe snopes now? I totally believe it is going to happen, and have wondered if snopes is on the up and up about everything. Snopes says “false” on the chips in the current health care bill.

  34. Zellie

    Current health care law, bill….current….do people realize that it is a work in progress? Do you think that what is now on the books is all that will be included in this health care bill? Where did it ever say, that it was written and they are done? Nowhere! It is being written, re-written, modified, added to, amended, etc., right now, somewhere, someone IS continuing to ‘write’ that bill…so chips aren’t mentioned right this second…..hmmmm…so that makes it all right…and everyone can just take a sigh of relief…all these conspiracy theorists are just foaming about nothing….well, they are using chips in children in juvenile delinquency treatment centers right now in Texas…they are using them in high schools already…but because it isn’t YET written in this majorly modifiable legislation, you all don’t believe it…unbelievable, that people still don’t believe! They are already implanting birth control under the skin that lasts 3 to 6 months…I mean, does a person have to pave one stone at a time for you to see the road ahead? Chips, implants, etc., that technology is not only coming…it is here….the question is, are you going to get chipped? Or not?

  35. colleena1960

    If you don’t think the time is close, search on the internet for FEMA caskets, black box cars with guillotines and shackles, concentration camps in america, etc. Our government is preparinng to get rid of the Christians. I too will say no to the chip. Now the question is, do we believe in pre-tribulation “rapture”, mid-tribulation “rapture” or post tribulation “rapture.” . I know this sounds nutty, but do the research, and let the scales fall from your eyes. Keep your ears and eyes open.

    God Bless everyone on this blog, including Dannion, even though he has already been blessed, lol.

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